About Us

Sherwood Industries Ltd. is the manufacturer of the ‘Enviro’ brand of heating products. We are located in Saanichton (approximately 16km north of Victoria) on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Sherwood Industries has an extensive manufacturing facility where we employ cutting edge technologies such as CAD (computer aided design) and a state of the art steel cutting laser, all designed to give you the best design for your home with the highest standards of engineering.

Superior quality and attention to detail have provided Sherwood Industries with a competitive advantage. Sherwood Industries is recognized in the industry as having one of the most stringent quality standards.

The History of Enviro

Since 1988, Sherwood Industries has been a leader in its field producing high quality gas, wood, and pellet appliances.

2014 – Re-introduction of the Kodiak Wood Insert with a new modern design.

2014 – enviro.com is revamped with improved navigation and more in depth product information.

2014 – Enviro celebrates it’s 25th anniversary!

2013 – Enviro begins development on a new lineup of products with the first of which is set to release in 2014.

2012 – Introduction of the E44, the largest gas insert of our “E” series lineup.

2012 – Introduction of the Cabello Wood Fireplace Insert. Our second cast iron wood insert this time featuring a flush face design.

2011 – Enviro adds two new units to the “E”series of gas inserts. The E30 and E33 are released simultaneously with a wide selection of burners, liners, and surrounds.

2011 – Leading from the success of the Boston Insert, Enviro introduces the Boston 1200 Freestanding Wood Stove with a 1700 version to be released months later.

2011 – Introduction of the Boston Cast Iron Wood Fireplace Insert. Available in both 1200 and 1700 firebox configurations.

2009 – Introduction of the M55 cast iron multi-fuel stove and fireplace insert.

2008 – New faces for the Focus and Sienna – The Ovation, The Carriage House, The Gate House and The Town House. New faces for the DV 36 and DV 42 – The Ovation in Black, Antiqe Copper and Natural Iron.

At the HPBA awards in Atlanta, Georgia – Enviro was a finalist for the Vesta Award – Gas Stoves and Inserts – for the Cayman Gas Fireplace Insert.

2007 – Vesta Award winner for Hearth Components and Controls was won for Enviro’s Multi Fuel and Self Cleaning Burner System.

The Enviro Maxx pellet freestanding stove and the Omega multi-fuel stove were put into production.

2006 – Enviro received 3 finalist awards from Hearth & Home magazine for Pellet Stoves (the Triton), Gas Inserts (the Sonnet), and Renewable Fuel (the Omega).

The Sonnet “Clean-faced” Gas Insert was introduced to the market place.

2005 – Enviro won the Vesta Award from Hearth & Home magazine for Best Pellet Stoves and Insert for the Thermo Pellet Boiler (sold in the European market) at the HPBA awards.

The Mini freestanding pellet stove was introduced (European Styling).

2004 – Introduction of the Sienna Gas Fireplace Insert. This insert featured many of the faces from the Sherwood Home Collection face options.

Enviro Introduced the new wood stove line with 4 new freestanding stoves and 2 new fireplace inserts, the Kodiak 1200 and 1700 Wood Freestanding Stoves and Fireplace Inserts.

The Westport cast iron stove was further improved with a new log set and an optional brick liner.

Enviro introduces a B Vent adaptor for the Westport and Ascot gas stoves.

The DV 36 zero clearance gas fireplace was introduced and in the later part of the year gets new trim options. Cape Cod style opening doors and decorative upper and lower trim options.

The 45,000 BTU Meridian pellet fireplace insert is launched. Unique features are the adjustable hopper and many trim options.

2003 – A new state of the art building was constructed bringing all of Sherwood’s manufacturing facilities under one roof.

2003 also brought the introduction of the Sherwood’s Home Collection of Faces, and the zero clearance gas fireplaces, the DV 42 DX, and the DV 50 DX. This marks Enviro’s first serious venture into the gas fireplace market.

The 45,000 BTU Meridian pellet pellet stove is launched. Unique features are the many new trim options including antique copper and pewter.

2002 – Enviro launches into the cast iron free standing stove and fireplace insert business with the introduction of the Westport and the Ascot gas stoves and a cast iron face for the Focus. Enviro introduced the “Enviro EmberGlo” burner and set a new milestone of advanced engineering and development in the gas industry. This burner set a new higher standard and put Enviro in the forefront of technoligical achievement.

2001 – Sherwood launched its new logo and corporate identity “Enviro”, which brought all products under the one brand name. Enviro introduced one of the quietest pellet stoves in the world with the introduction of the Evolution. This stove set new standards with its 85lb hopper and its “Run Quiet System”.

Further product development saw the introduction of the Focus gas fireplace insert line. This marked a revolution in the way fireplace inserts are displayed as now the consumer could choose from many life-style choice options to decorate their insert.

2000 – Production of the Bistro barbeque under the “Enviro Grill” name, along with a new line of freestanding and Fireplace Insert wood stoves. The year 2000 also saw the gas product line expand to include four series of gas products: the EG-40, EG-828, freestanding units and the EG-20, 25, EG-30 and 32 Fireplace Insert range. These models covered freestanding and fireplace insert units, which were available in either natural gas or propane.

1997 – $3,000,000 expansion with the purchase of a new manufacturing facility.

1995 – 1995 saw the introduction of the EG 95 freestanding stove and fireplace insert. This marked our big move into the gas business, which has expanded every year since.

1994 – The Enviro Gas product line is expanded with the introduction of the EFG 94 fireplace inserts.

1993 – The introduction of “Enviro Gas” line of visible flame gas freestanding stoves the EFG 93

1991 – Further expansion of the the Enviro Fire pellet stove line continued with the EF 2 and the EF 3.

1990 – Sherwood Industries entered the pellet stove business with the introduction of the EF1 pellet stove.

1989 – The “Seefire” wood stove was the first model to be built by Sherwood Industries